Managing Social Reforms in Moldova

As a priest and a missionary, my mandate is to reach out towards the community as a whole, with the goal of understanding how I might help foster change within that community.

It is a tribute to the professionals who work within this system that they readily acknowledge their short-comings and have actively asked for any assistance possible. Reform, re-integration, and renewal are all essentials in helping a nation stand by itself, and promote change within the country.

The prison administration is literally strangled by the poverty that exists within its own country. A stripped-bare operating budget still can't be covered by the government. Consequently, staff operate in a constant state of insecurity, corruption becomes the standard, and slowly the system collapses under its own problems.

The directors have quite literally begged for help; help for their staff and their prisoners, as well as for their country, to help them promote a "correctional and reducation concept" rather than merely a punative programme that validates accountabilities.

To achieve this change essential items are desperately required. They are prioritised as follows:

1. Survellience

2. Communications

3. Training

4. Equipment

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. For further details, please write:

Project New Life’s goal is to assist communities and individuals better their quality and safety of living.

We respect local values, traditions, and opinions of those involved. We do not presume to assume one country’s culture is better than another, and we aim to help the local community promote national pride and social awareness.

Our precepts are that community development is a process through which a community identifies its own challenges, and involves itself in their solving. Therefore we promote programs of community development on two following directions: infrastructure and social.

Project New Life is an independent, democratic, non-governmental, non-profit, non-conditionally religious, non-political mission. The fundamental objective of which is the protection and promotion of children’s rights, in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The direct beneficiaries of our projects are young people, orphaned children, children deprived of parental care, street children, refugee children, children with special social or physical needs, children victims of trafficking, etc.

We actively encourage businesses to consider involving your employees, and the company in international community based projects.

The Cone/Roper Study, A Benchmark Survey of Consumer Awareness and Attitudes Towards Cause Related Marketing, revealed that consumers and employees solidly and consistently support cause related activities.

Cause related promotions impact a company’s bottom line directly by increasing sales and enhancing brand image. Added benefits are increased customer loyalty, employee pride, reduced employee turnover, increased teamwork, and an increase in positive attitudes among participant employees.

Project New Life would be pleased to meet with you, at any time, to discuss how involving your employees in a social responsibility project can help increase revenue for your company.

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