Open Windows Without Glass

This communal cell had 18 girls packed into a cell designed for 12. The prison system is dangerously overcrowded. The Moldovan government has had a recent amnesty which has worked to sharply reduce some of the overcrowding. But part of the problem is with the police, who have yet to change from their old ways. I have intentionally stayed clear of taking photos of people so as to honour their dignity and human rights. Any photos I have taken that include people, were made with the individual's specific permission. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hw come there is money for a TV set but no moey to fix a brokem window?

Father Bill Haymaker said...

Hey Jochen! That's an excellent question! The television was donated by us, along with many other items. We also provided cash to address several immediate issues. In these instances it's important to address needs by priority. Clothing, shoes, medical supplies all make an immediate difference for the prisoners as well as the staff.
But there also comes a time when it is essential for the prison to rely upon its own resources for maintenance of its buildings. The prisoners and staff endure life without electricity most of the time. The guards have no communication systems, no uniforms, and no safety. The prisoners endure cramped facilities, broken beds, broken windows, and women and children have no place to stand outdoors when the rains or snow come.
Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. The prison director's details are within this blog, or you may deal dirctly with Salvati Copiii Moldova.
Thank you for your query.
+Fr. Bill