Let Out For Only One Hour A Day

When the cell door opened, I gasped at the sight. The cell was so small I could not extend my arms completely. Locked in the cell were two mothers with their babies. This baby is 4 months old. The floor was so vile and infested with rat droppings, the infant only has the steel bed on which the mother and baby sleep to move upon. The Smell was putrid, as if a rat had died in the cell. These women, and their infants, in accordance with Human Rights laws, are released for 60 minutes each day and locked in an open courtyard, slightly larger than the cell. But because there is so much ice on the ground, the mothers choose not to go out, especially in fear of their babies falling ill from the freezing cold, or being attacked by other prisoners. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

This is so sad. So so sad. I have been looking through this site and was surprised by what I have been seeing.
I am, however, perturbed. I am in the United States Army as an Infantry Scout in the Brigade RECON unit. I have been in Iraq several times and can say that we have NEVER "arrested and detained the woman and children, in the hopes that the father will give himself up." I will admit that in ANY war there are injustices done, and no nation or army is innocent of that. It is NOT SOP(standard operating procedure) to do so however.
This aside, I would like to help. I am leaving Iraq for my mid-tour leave and I will be going to Moldova and Romania. Please, let me know where I can go to help.

SGT Viehoever, Spencer US Army

Anonymous said...

セルのドアが開いたときに、その光景を見て私は息をのみです。セルには小さすぎて、私を完全に私の腕を延長できませんでした。 Locked in the cell were two mothers with their babies.ロックされた2つのセルに赤ちゃんの母親です。